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Our Products (Purchase and Rental)

At Knee Walker Rentals of Georgia, Inc., and Masks Saves Lives, Inc., some of our most popular PPE and mobility products are shown below. We carry a wide range of knee walker rental products
HCPCS Code E0118*Code “E0118 RR” is a HCPCS (Healthcare Procedure Coding System) code, to suit a variety of needs, preferences, heights and weight .

We carry manual wheelchairs
(HCPCS Code "K0002-RR" which is a 
HCPCS (Healthcare Procedure Coding System) code,which stands for manual wheelchair rental with elevating leg rests.

Maybe you'd like a KneeRover Jr. or Adult All-terrain knee walker ($35-45 weekly)

Add a pair of crutches to your knee walker rental for extra flexibility and stability
$37 a pair for junior/short adult
$43 for taller adults

2-4FT. $8 DAILY (3 day minimum, $30 weekly, $90 monthly(Plus $2 a mile delivery fee , if not rented along with a knee walker and/or manual wheelchair rental-$45 minimum fee)
5-7 FT. $12 DAILY (3 day minimum, $50 weekly, $150 monthly(Plus $2 a mile delivery fee , if not rented along with a knee walker and/or manual wheelchair rental-$45 minimum fee)
8-10 FT. $18 DAILY (3 day minimum, $70 weekly, $210 monthly(Plus $2 a mile delivery fee , if not rented along with a knee walker and/or manual wheelchair rental-$45 minimum fee)

We also carry Folding Steel Commodes
$74 each (Purchase)
Easily opens and folds   • Folds flat for convenient storage and transportation   • Durable plastic snap on seat and lid without pushing buttons   • Blue powder coated steel welded construction increases strength and durability   • Removable, tool free back   • Plastic arms for added comfort Comes complete with 12 qt. commode bucket with carry handle, cover and splash shield.

2-in-1 Locking Elevated Toilet Seat
w/Removable Arms $70 each
Designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting down, or getting up from the toilet. Tool-free arms can be removed or added as needed. Arm sleeves and receivers are made of metal for more durability. Heavy-duty molded plastic construction provides additional strength and durability. Improved locking device is engineered with larger, heavy-duty "worm screw" and locking plate to ensure a safe, secure fit. Lightweight and portable. No tools required for installation. Easy to clean. Fits most toilets.

Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench
$170 each
Transfer bench slides left and right along frame for easy entry into and out of tub. Folds flat for transport and storage. Comes standard with removable soap dish. Comes with safety net to catch dropped personal items and prevent bending. Comes with seat belt for added safety.

Bath Bench w/Back $70 each (Purchase)
Easy, tool free assembly of legs and back. Blow molded bench and back provides comfort and strength. Drainage holes in seat and back reduce slipping. Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and corrosion proof. Angled legs with suction style tips provide additional stability.Support collar prevents leg movement.
Bath Bench w/o back $45 each (Purchase)
Easy Snap together assembly, Seat and Legs. Blow molded bench provides comfort and strength. Drainage holes in bench reduce slipping. Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and corrosion proof. Height adjustable angled legs with suction style tips provide additional stability. Support collar reduces rattle.

 We also carry Rollator(4-wheeled Walker w/Seat
$25 weekly* plus one-time delivery fee)
The revolutionary Rollators offers many unique features:
Weighs only between 10-16 lbs. for traditional rollators. Seat height adjustable to accommodate people 4'10" to 6'2. Serves as a standard and a junior rollator.High end bag under the seat with water resistant pouch and shoulder strap
Up to 250 lb. weight capacity on average

Please call at 678-858-5922 or email us at or fax us at 888-789-4160 for more information on these products and custom options.

                       Rental Terms                        
Knee Walkers
Weekly rate for 2 weeks or less=$25-45* weekly plus refundable security deposit, if applicable. 
Business travelers rate=$75* (For 1 day-1 week)
$25-45 weekly thereafter for knee walkers
Monthly specials start at $75 for "Basic" straight-rolling, no frills knee walker rental

Cash or Checks accepted upon delivery
Credit cards accepted through Paypal prepaid prior to the delivery payable to: 
Debit cards accepted through CashApp to: $Kneewalkerrentals

Essential Free Spirit P4000 knee walker can be purchased! NEW! Price $315 delivered to your door! WOW!
Checks/Cash upon deliveryCredit cards accepted through Paypal prepaid prior to the delivery

Manual wheelchairs with/without Elevating Leg Rests**
$25- 1 day to 1 week rate (*Bariatric 250lbs or more $45 weekly)
$50 bi-weekly rate (2 weeks minimum)
$100 a month-4 week minimum)
$25 weekly thereafter for manual wheelchairs

Can also be purchased! NEW!

**One-time modest fuel surcharge added for delivery/pickup on all
knee walker/wheelchair/PPE/rollator orders***

IMPORTANT: With the exception of Workers Compensation claims, we DO NOT file with ANY insurance company. 
As a courtesy, We can help prepare your paperwork and forward to your physician for ICD-10 coding, prognosis, and signed approval. Then, following the conclusion of your rental, we will send the completed paperwork along w/receipt to you via email attachment for filing with your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.

***Some Georgia rental companies charge between $60-$145 delivery/pickup and/or $90 to ship. And these companies bring/send you one model too that you may not like, or feel comfortable on. We help you to pre-select a knee walker model based on your height and weight and length of need to ensure the greatest comfort, support, mobility during your recovery. We want you to be comfortable with your selection throughout the recovery process. That is why we professionally educate you over the phone, then demonstrate/show you how to safely maneuver around your home/office/school, over thresholds such as carpet, tile, and hardwoods, along with best practices on how to go from a sedentary position to getting up and on the knee walker.

Knee Walkers-Most popular requested rentals

The ultimate driving machine....that is knee walker! This knee walker is an absolute favorite by our clients. Very easy to set up and break down and the comfortable contour seat holds your leg like a good sports car seat. The 8 inch wheels navigate very easily on solid surfaces, both indoor and outside. The wheels just want to roll and roll and roll. However, don't worry, because the dual brakes stop on a dime allowing you to maintain control. Made for all users, the Drive DV8 790 weighs only 22lbs and will carry up to 300 lbs.

Free Spirit P4000 knee walker-THE BEST!
THE ABSOLUTE CRUTCH ALTERNATIVE! Superb Engineering and Designing! The Free Spirit knee and leg walker is a truly State of the Art knee walker! This knee walker features an over 30% turning radius as well as being the first unit with loop hand brakes. This braking system gives you control over the unit. Turns and navigation is a breeze with this knee walker. Also includes the widest flat free tires on the market for additional stability. Made for all users, the Free Spirit will accommodate users up to 400lbs and heights from 5'4" to 6'6". Also lightweight frame and folding tiller make the unit very easy to transport.

  BOTH Knee walkers can be fitted wth a basket, if desired Baskets are $25 extra

We sell dispsable masks and surgical masks for your safety as well as others. 
1 Box of 50 PCs dsiposable masks $40 
($.80 ea.)

1 Bag of 25 surgical masks $75 
($3.00 ea.) 
The Phoenix Compact 3-wheeled scooter can be setp for a minimum 2 days for $100, weekly for $150.00*. The Phoenix Compact 3 wheeled scooter rental with "Finger-Pull" technology breaks apart into 4 pieces and is really easy to take with you where ever you go. This power operated scooter turns at a 32.3" radius. Speed ranges from .5 mph to 4 mph and a cruising range of up to 15 miles. This offer currently available qualifies for this rental rate until further notice.
*Delivery/pickup charge of $35-65 applies to all rentals-Cash, Checks and Credit cards accepted through PayPal-NO insurance filing*. As always, if desired, we will send/receive your paperwork to/from the doctor for your filing for possible insurance reimbursement.
If you like the scooter and wish to keep it.... its simple! With our rent-to-own option you can easily apply what you have paid already towards the full price ($850) of the scooter. No fine print and no gimmicks! 
Pay the difference in price and it is yours!

Image EC Mid Wheel Drive Power Chair
Model# 2800EC-RCL
Rental Rates: $80/Day w/Minimum 2-day rentals *Deposit applies to all rentals
$150/Week & $150 Deposit applies to all rentals*
Delivery & Pickup charge of $35 applies to all rentals (One-time charge)
Rent to purchase available*

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