Knee Walker Rentals of Georgia, Inc. - Other medical equipment rental companies promise-We DELIVER!
Contacting Us/Paying for YOUR rental!
Please fill out the form below if you need a knee walker and/or manual/power wheelchair/scooter for either rental and/or purchase, a TENS Unit for pain relief, other DME products, or if you'd like to be added to our customer list.
If you are ready to rent a knee walker or manual wheelchair w/ELR NOW, you can pay using your debit/credit card through this Paypal link.
Once there, please submit your rental/purchase payment to our email address: ONLY or to our telephone number: 678-858-5922. You will receive a confirmation number. Please write that number down and provide to us when calling to schedule your delivery.

Following the payment-PLEASE REMEMBER to CONTACT US by filling in the info below*Please, please include your height and weight, L or R injury, number of weeks non-weight bearing and doctor's info in the Comments section, and let us know that you have paid through Paypal w/the amount. THAT'S IT!

A customer service representative will contact you shortly upon confirmation/receipt and delivery will be set up for you.
Thanks for contacting us!
Also, for immediate person-to-person assistance, you can reach us at 678-858-5922 or by email at or by fax at 1-888-789-4160.
Have a wonderful day!

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